Excavator Slew Ring EX120-3, Slewing Bearing, Cheap Slewing Ring Bearings Price

The light thin section bearing slewing ring with flange is made using precise machining,high controlled hardening process, sufficient inspection in process and qualified materials.
The ball size is generally chosen with respect to the axial load and radial load coming on the Slewing bearing. It has widely applied in high speed rotatory application.

Products description

Product series:

1. Single Row Four Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearings.

2. Single Row Crossed Roller Slewing Bearings

3. Double Row Ball Slewing Bearings

4. Three Row Roller Slewing Bearings

5. Thin Section Slewing bearings (Light type).

6. Thin Section Slewing Bearings (Flange type)

Outside Diameter :300 – 5000 mm

Bore Size :120 – 4272 mm

Gear Options:External gear,Internal gear,Without gear

Raw material :50Mn, 42CrMo

Rolling element :Ball or roller

Excavator Slew Ring EX120-3, Slewing Bearing, Cheap Slewing Ring Bearings Price

Excavator slew ring EX120-3, slewing bearing, cheap slewing ring bearings price types for

1) PC60-5/6, PC100, PC200-1-3-5-6, PC220,PC300-3-5, PC400-3-5, PC400-3-5, D20, D30, D50, D60, D5D, D6D,

D75, D80 (D85)2) Hitachi: EX100, EX200-1-2-3, EX300 3) E110B, E200B (E320), E240 (MS180), E300B, E330, SH200

4) Dawood: 220, UH07, UH08, SH300, HD250, HD400 (HD450), HD700 (HD770), HD820 (HD850), HD1220 (HD1250),

SK07-2-7, SK200, LS2800FJ, S340, S430Outer packing: cartons and pallets

Excavator parts for slew bearing:

Serial number model Serial number model Serial number model
1 PC60-6(z=76) 38 ZX120 75 HD800-7
2 PC60-7(z=76) 39 EX200-1 76 HD820-1
3 PC60-7(z=80) 40 EX200-2 77 HD900-7
4 PC100-5 41 EX200-3 78 SH120-3
5 PC120-5 42 EX200-5 79 SH200A1
6 PC120-6(4D95) 43 EX200 80 SH200A2
7 PC120-6(4D102) 44 EX230 81 SH200A3
8 PC150-5 45 EX240 82 SH280
9 PC20HT 46 EX300-1 83 SH300
10 PC200-1 47 EX300-2 84 SH350
11 PC200-2 48 EX300-3 85 SH40T
12 PC200-3 49 SK07-1 86 DH55
13 PC200-5 50 SK07-2 87 DH60
14 PC200-5 51 SK07-N2 88 DH200-3
15 PC220-5 52 SK07-1-N2 89 DH220-3
16 PC200-6(S6D95) 53 SK09 90 DH220-5
17 PC200-6(S6D102-1) 54 SK120-5 91 DH10L
18 PC200-6(S6D102-2) 55 SK200-1 92 DH280
19 PC220-6 56 SK200-2 93 DH290
20 PC200-7(1) 57 SK200-3 94 DH300-5


1. You are a trader or a manufacture?

We are an industry and trade integration business, our factory located on Quanzhou Nanan Distric, and our sales department is in City centre of Xiamen. The distance is 80Kms, 1.5 hours.

2. How can I be sure the part will fit my excavator?

Give us correct model number/machine serial number/ any numbers on the parts itself. Or measure the parts give us dimension or drawing.

3. How about the payment terms?

We usually accept T/T or L/C. other terms also could be negotiated.

4. What is your minimum order?

It depends on what you are buying. Normally, our minimum order is USD5000. one 20’ full container and LCL container (less than a container load) can be acceptable.

5. What is your delivery time?

FOB Xiamen or any Chinese port : 35-45 days . If there are any parts in stock , our delivery time is only 7-10 days.

6. What about Quality Control?

We have a perfect QC system for the perfect products. A team who will detect the product quality and specification piece carefully, monitoring every production process until packing is complete, to ensure product safety into container.

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Excavator Slew Ring EX120-3, Slewing Bearing, Cheap Slewing Ring Bearings Price

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Excavator Slew Ring EX120-3, Slewing Bearing, Cheap Slewing Ring Bearings Price

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