Replacment Hydraulic Gear Pump

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Hydraulic Gear Pump:

External Gear Pump:Insensitive to oil,simple structure,low cost,large pulsation and noise.
1. Long service life;
2. High volume efficiency;
3. High overall efficiency;
4. The fluctuation of flow and pressure is very small
Main series:
Single Pump:AZPF series,AZPG series,AZPS series,AZPN series,AZPB series,AZPT series.
Double Pumps:AZPFF series,AZPGG series,AZPPN series,AZPGF series.

Replacment Hydraulic Gear Pump


Series F/FF series
Displacement 4,5,8,11,14,16,19,22,25,28cc
Nominal Pressure 280bar
Direction of Rotation R/L
Ports Threaded or flange
Drive Shafts SAE or ISO
Ambient Temperature Range – 22 – 55 °C
Structure Tandem and multi-pump configurations
Application Industrial and Agriculture Machinery

Double Gear Pumps

Poocca double gear pump features:
1.-Fixed displacement
2.-low noise.
3.-Small flow fluctuation
4.-With clearance seal compensation, it has high efficiency even in low viscosity oil
5.-With sliding bearing and clearance seal compensation, the ser vice life is
6.-Suitable for a wide range of viscosity and speed
7.-Ver y good suction performance
8.-Pumps of different models and nominal specifications can form combined pumps
9.-It can be combined with pGH internal gear pump, pv7 vane pump and axial piston pump

Hydraulic Piston Pump,Vane Pump and Hydraulic Motor

Replacment Hydraulic Gear Pump Replacment Hydraulic Gear Pump Replacment Hydraulic Gear Pump

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