Instructions For Use of Rubber Tracks

Mar 26, 2024 | News

A. Right track tension

Keep the correct tension on your tracks at all times

Check the tension at the center track roller(H=1 0-20mm)

  1. Avoid track under tensioned

The track can come off easily. causing inside rubber scratched and damaged by sprocket, or broken when the track engages undercarriage parts not correctly,or hard objects get into between sprocket or idler assay and iron core of track.

  • Avoid track over tensioned

The track will be stretched. The iron core will wear abnormally and break or fall off early.

B. Caution on working conditions

1.The working temperature of track is.-25℃ to +55℃ 

2.Clean off immediately chemicals.oil salt swampy soil or similar products which get on the track.

3. Limit driving on sharp rocky surfaces gravel and fields with crop stubble crushed.

4.Prevent large foreign objects from becoming entangled in your undercarriage when operation.

5.Inspect and replace the undercarriage parts(i.e.sprocket/drive wheel, rollers and idler)periodically. Wear and damage of undercarriage parts will affect rubber track performance and durability.

C. Caution on using rubber track

1. Avoid sharp and fast turns during operating, it cause track coming off or iron core of the track failing off.

2.Prohibition of forced to climb steps. and driving with track sidewall edges pressing against hard walls, curbs and other objects 

3.Prohibition of running on large rugged rolling road. it cause track coming off or ironcore of the track falling off.

D. Caution on keeping and handling the rubber track

1.When storing your vehicle for a period of time.wash soil and oil pollution which get on the track. keep your vehicle sheltered away from rain and direct sunlight and adjust the track tension to slacken to prevent track fatigue.

2. Inspect the wear situations of undercarriage parts and rubber track.

  • The storage of the rubber tracks

All rubber tracks should be placed in indoor storage. Storage period should be not more than one year.

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