Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Stick Cylinder With Single Double Acting Telescopic

The company’s main products are hydraulic excavators cylinder, cylinder loaders, forklifts and other fields cylinders cylinders and other hydraulic components for construction machinery and metallurgy, mining, energy, transportation, machinery, port and shipbuilding industries provide a large and reliable hydraulic actuators, Southeast Asia, Europe and America, by domestic and foreign users of all ages.


Hydraulic Cylinder Description

Making cylinder that are worthy of your equipment.
Counting on reverse engineering expertise, the cylinder that manufactured precisely are equal to the original.
You will be without worry, when the cylinder will interchange completely with the original on your equipment.
The cylinder that are worthy of your equipment mean higher work efficency and less downtime won’t let you down.

Hydraulic Cylinder parts

1.Rod seal:superior quality named-brand seals improve a longer life and seal effect polyurethane U-packing rod seals/buffer seals · bonded-to-metal wiper seals custom seals available

2.Tube:Skived&burnished or vertical honing tube assures the concentricity and straightness

3.Bushing:Hardened steel bushing or copper bushing

4.Eye:All eyes are made of forged high strenght steel improve cylinder not only in appearance but in mechanical performance

5.Rod:Induction hardened prior to chrome plating enhances the surface hardness,enhanced chrome plating improve corrosion resistence and anti-scratch performance.

6.Piston:High pressure piston sealing material:teflon or nylon seals.High precision machining maximize the consistency of parts.

7.Cap:All caps are made of forged high strength steel.

Hydraulic Cylinder Model we can supply

PC28MR E70/E70B EX55 ECR50D SY55C-9 DH55G SK35
PC40 E110/E110B EX60-1-2-3 EC55B SY60C-9 DH55-5 SK45
PC156-7 E120/120B EX100-1-2-3-5 EC60B SY65C-9 DH60-7 SK55SR-5
PC75UU E300.9D301.7D EX100-2WD-3WD-5WD EC60C SY75C-9 DH80G SK60-C
PC120-3-5-6-6E-7 E301.7DCR EX125WD EC80D SY85C-9 DH80-7 SK60-3-8
PC30-8 E302.4D EX135UR EC88D SY95C-9 DH130-5-7 SK70SR-2
PC45-1-5-7 E302.7DCR EX150WD EC140B-D SY115C-9 DH150-7 SK75-8
PC60-2-3-5-6-7-8 E303.5ECR EX120-1-2-3-5-6 EC140BLC SY130C-9 DX120 SK100-3-5-6
PC100-3-5-6 E304ECR ZX35UR-5A EC120D SY135C-9 DX150LC-7 SK115
PC128/130-7 E305.5E ZX55USR-5A EC170D SY155C-9 DH200-5-7 SK120-3-5-6
PC35-7 E305ECR ZAX60-5G EC200B SY155H DH215-9E SK130
PC55-55UU E306EZ ZAX70 EC200BP SY185C-8 DH220-3-5-7 SK130-8
PC20-8 E306E ZX70-2-5G-6 EC210B SY195C-9 DH220LC-9E SK135SR-2
PC110-8MO E307E ZX110M EC210BP SY205C-8-9 DH215-9E SK135-6
PC130-8MO E308E ZX120E EC220D SY210C DH225LC-9 SK140LC
HB205-1MO E308B ZX120-3-5-6 ECR235E SY215-8-9 DH258-5-7 SK140LC-8
HB2152C-1MO E311/311C ZX130H EC240B SY215Q DH260LC SK200-3-3E-5-6-6E-7-8
PC150-5 E312/312C ZX68USR-5A EC240BL SY220LC DH280-3 SK220-3-5
PC200LC-8 E312D EX160-3 EC250D SY225C-9 DH260LC SK230
PC228 E312DC EX200-1-2-5-7-8 EC250ENZ SY230C DH290 SK230-6-6E
PC240LC-8MO E312DL EX220-1-3-5 EC290B SY235-8-9 DH300-5 SK250-6-6E
PC160LC-7 E312D2GC EX225 EC300D SY235CQ DH300LC-7 SK250-8-10
PC210-6-6E-7-8 E313 EX230 EC350D SY240 DH300LC SK260LC-8
PC230LC-6 E131BCR EX270 EC290B SY245CQ DH320 SK270D-8
PC200-3-5-6-7-8-8MO-10 E313D EX170LC-5A EC300D SY265CQ DH330-3 SK300-2
PC220-5-6-7-8-8MO E314DCR ZX200 EC350D SY265C-9 DH340LC SK310
PC210-10 E315C ZX200LC-3(H15) EC360B SY285CQ DH360 SK320-2-6
PC240LC-8 E315D ZX200LC-3 EC360BP SY305C-9H DH370 SK330-8
PC270-7 E318DL ZX200-3G-5G EC380D SY335-8 DH370L-9 SK350-6-8-8E
PC300-3-5-6-7-8 E200B ZX210 EC380FL SY335C-9H DH420LC-7 SK350LC-8-10
PC350-5-6-7 E240BL ZX210-3G EC460B SY350 DH500LC-7 SK380D-8
PC360-7 E300/300B ZX210K-3 EC460BP SY360-8 DX300LC SK450-6-6E
PC360-8MO E320/320B ZX210LC-3-5G EC480B SY365 DX350LC SK460-8
PC400-3-5-6-7-8 E320C/320D ZX210H-5G EC700B SY365H-9 DX380LC SK480
PC450-6-7-8 E320DZ/BL ZX210W-3 EC700C SY375H-9 DX500LC-G SK480-8
PC650LC-8R E320DGC ZX230 EC480D SY385H-9 DX500LC SK480LC
PC650LCCSE-8R E320DZCC ZX230HHE EC750D SY465H-9 DX700LC SK495D
PC700LC-8 E325D ZX230-3G EC950D SY485H-9 DX520-9 SK950DLC
PC750-7 E326DL ZX240 EW60 SY600H-9 DH150W-7
PC750SE E328DLC ZX270-3G EW60C SY700H-8 DH210W-7
PC800-8 E329D/329DL EX300-3-5 EW145BP SY850H-8 DX60N
PC850-8 E330D/330L EX350-5 EW160 SY650H-9
PC850SE-8 E336D EX400-3-5 EW180
PC1250-7-8 E349D EX600-5 EW205D
PC2000-8 E374FL EX800 DLS830-9B
PW100S E390D EX1200
PW100S-3-5 E450 EX1200-6BH
PW150ES-6 E6018 EX1900-6BH
PW98MR-8 M320DZ EX2500
PW148-10 M322D EX3600
PW270-7 315DZ EX5500


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