Excavator Hydraulic Parts R385 R420 R450LC-7 Boom Arm Bucket Cylinder

Including Boom cylinder,Arm cylinder and Bucket cylinder, which are applicable for Hitachi,Komatsu, Koblco, Carter, Sumitomo, Daewoo(Doosan),Hyundai,Kato,and Samsung excavators as well as other brands. we can also be custom processed according to customer samples and data.

Product Detail

Hydraulic cylinders are widely used for the engineering machinery industries, it is an important actuator in the hydraulic transmission system, which is an energy conversion device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.

GT provide high quality excavator hydraulic cylinder, including boom cylinder, arm cylinder and bucket cylinder.

Our products are produced according to original drawings and can guarantee the replacement with the OEM parts.

Hydraulic cylinder manufacturing scope
Bore size 38mm-2032mm (1.5″-80″)
Rod size 25mm-1780mm(1″-70″)
Stroke Maximum 15000mm(600″)
Working pressure Maximum 700bar(10000PSI)
Mounting style Earrings, flange, foot mounting, trunnion, cross tube, etc
Painting Follow customers’ requirement


Hydraulic Cylinder List

E70.boom cylinder E70.arm cylinder E70.Bucket cylinder
E110/110B.boom cylinder E110/110B.arm cylinder E110/110B.Bucket cylinder
E123/120B.boom cylinder E123/120B.arm cylinder E123/120B.Bucket cylinder
E300.9D.boom cylinder E300.9.arm cylinder E300.9.Bucket cylinder
E301.7DCR.boom cylinder E301.7DCR.arm cylinder E301.7DCR.Bucket cylinder
E302.4D.boom cylinder E302.4D.arm cylinder E302.4D.Bucket cylinder
E302.7DCR.boom cylinder E302.7DCR.arm cylinder E302.7DCR.Bucket cylinder
E303.5ECR.boom cylinder E303.5ECR.arm cylinder E303.5ECR.Bucket cylinder
E304ECR.boom cylinder E304ECR.arm cylinder E304ECR.Bucket cylinder
E305.5E.boom cylinder E305.5E.arm cylinder E305.5E.Bucket cylinder
E305ECR.boom cylinder E305ECR.arm cylinder E305ECR.Bucket cylinder
E306EZ.boom cylinder E306EZ.arm cylinder E306EZ.Bucket cylinder
E306E.boom cylinder E306E.arm cylinder E306E.Bucket cylinder
307A/B/C/DE.boom cylinder 307A/B/C/DE.arm cylinder 307A/B/C/DE.Bucket cylinder
E308E.boom cylinder E308E.arm cylinder E308E.Bucket cylinder
E308B boom cylinder E308B arm cylinder E308B Bucket cylinder
E311C boom cylinder E311C arm cylinder E311C Bucket cylinder
E312C.boom cylinder E312D arm cylinder E312B Bucket cylinder
E312D.boom cylinder E312D.arm cylinder E312D.Bucket cylinder
E312DC.boom cylinder E312DC.arm cylinder E312DC.Bucket cylinder
E312DL.boom cylinder E312DL.arm cylinder E312DL.Bucket cylinder
E312D2GC.boom cylinder E312D2GC.arm cylinder E312D2GC.Bucket cylinder
313.boom cylinder 313.arm cylinder 313.Bucket cylinder
E313BCR.boom cylinder E313BCR.arm cylinder E313BCR.Bucket cylinder
E313D.boom cylinder E313D.arm cylinder E313D.Bucket cylinder
E314DCR.boom cylinder E314DCR.arm cylinder E314DCR.Bucket cylinder
E315C.boom cylinder E315C.arm cylinder E315C.Bucket cylinder
E315D.boom cylinder E315D.arm cylinder E315D.Bucket cylinder
E313D.boom cylinder E313D.arm cylinder E313D.Bucket cylinder
E318DL.boom cylinder E318DL.arm cylinder E318DL.Bucket cylinder
E200B.boom cylinder E200B.arm cylinder E200B.Bucket cylinder
E240BL.boom cylinder E240BL.arm cylinder E240BL.Bucket cylinder
E300/300B.boom cylinder E300/300B.arm cylinder E300/300B.Bucket cylinder
E320/320B.boom cylinder E320/320B.arm cylinder E320/320B.Bucket cylinder
E320C/320D.boom cylinder E320C/320D.arm cylinder E320C/320D.Bucket cylinder
EDZ/BL.boom cylinder EDZ/BL.arm cylinder EDZ/BL.Bucket cylinder
E320DGC.boom cylinder E320DGC.arm cylinder E320DGC.Bucket cylinder
E320DZCC.boom cylinder E320DZCC.arm cylinder E320DZCC.Bucket cylinder
E320DRR.boom cylinder E320DRR.arm cylinder E320DRR.Bucket cylinder
E320DLRR.boom cylinder E320DLRR.arm cylinder E320DLRR.Bucket cylinder
E320.boom cylinder E320.arm cylinder E320.Bucket cylinder
E323DL.boom cylinder E323DL.arm cylinder E323DL.Bucket cylinder
E324D.boom cylinder E324D.arm cylinder E324D.Bucket cylinder
E325D.boom cylinder E325D.arm cylinder E325D.Bucket cylinder
E326DL.boom cylinder E326DL.arm cylinder E326DL.Bucket cylinder
E325DLC.boom cylinder E325DLC.arm cylinder E325DLC.Bucket cylinder
E329D/329DL.boom cylinder E329D/329DL.arm cylinder E329D/329DL.Bucket cylinder
E329DZL.boom cylinder E329DZL.arm cylinder E329DZL.Bucket cylinder
E330B.boom cylinder E330B.arm cylinder E330B.Bucket cylinder
E330D.boom cylinder E330D/330L.arm cylinder E330D/330L.Bucket cylinder
E336D.boom cylinder E336D.arm cylinder E336D.Bucket cylinder
E336C boom cylinder E336C arm cylinder E330C Bucket cylinder
E336DL.boom cylinder E336DL.arm cylinder E336DL.Bucket cylinder
E349D.boom cylinder E349D.arm cylinder E349D.Bucket cylinder
E349DL.boom cylinder E349DL.arm cylinder E349DL.Bucket cylinder
E345D.boom cylinder E345D.arm cylinder E345D.Bucket cylinder
E345DL.boom cylinder E345DL.arm cylinder E345DL.Bucket cylinder
E349DZ.boom cylinder E349DZ.arm cylinder E349DZ.Bucket cylinder
D2L/374DL.boom cylinder D2L/374DL.arm cylinder D2L/374DL.Bucket cylinder
E374FL.boom cylinder E374FL.arm cylinder E374FL.Bucket cylinder
E336DZ.boom cylinder E336DZ.arm cylinder E336DZ.Bucket cylinder
E336D.boom cylinder E336D.arm cylinder E336D.Bucket cylinder
E390D.boom cylinder E390D.arm cylinder E390D.Bucket cylinder
E390DL.boom cylinder E390DL.arm cylinder E390DL.Bucket cylinder
E450.boom cylinder E450.arm cylinder E450.Bucket cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder Packing

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