China roller idler pc400 supplier

An Idler PC400 refers to an idler assembly specifically designed for the PC400 series of excavators manufactured by Komatsu. Idlers play a vital role in the undercarriage system of tracked excavators, contributing to the overall functionality, performance, and longevity of the machine.


Usually, the idler wheel at the front of the undercarriage on the non-driving end, to make a role of guiding the track chain around the circuit and maintaining tension within the track system. And it always is made of the cast iron or fabricated steel. The idler has three accessories, there are bearing housing, seals and tension adjustment mechanism. The bearing housing allows the idler wheel to rotate smoothly and the seals are vital prevent contamination and retain lubrication within the bearing assembly. As for the tension adjustment mechanism, as the name suggests, it can adjust track tension to avoid the track derailment. It also can absorb impacts and vibrations, protecting other undercarriage components from excessive wear.


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