Redefining Efficiency With Top-notch Mini Excavator Undercarriage Parts

Apr 9, 2024 | News

In the world of construction, efficiency and reliability are key. For those in the know, XMGT, a leading mini excavator parts China manufacturer, has become synonymous with these qualities. With a focus on producing high-quality mini excavator undercarriage parts, XMGT is making waves in the construction industry, both domestically and internationally.

XMGT: A Beacon of Quality

XMGT prides itself on being a leading mini excavator undercarriage parts supplier of undercarriage parts for mini excavators. Their commitment to quality is evident in every part they manufacture. Each piece is meticulously designed and constructed to withstand the demanding conditions of construction sites, ensuring longevity and superior performance.

Superior Technique: Forging and Casting:

XMGT as mini excavator parts manufacturer employs superior techniques such as forging and casting in the production of their mini excavator undercarriage parts. Forged and cast parts offer exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear. The forging process involves shaping metal through the application of heat and pressure, resulting in parts with enhanced structural integrity. Casting, on the other hand, involves pouring molten metal into molds, allowing for complex shapes and precise dimensions. By utilizing both techniques, XMGT ensures that their undercarriage parts exhibit superior performance and longevity, even in demanding operating conditions.

Customizable Colors: Black or Yellow:

XMGT understands that aesthetics play a role in the selection of undercarriage parts. To cater to diverse customer preferences, XMGT offers color customization options for their mini excavator track rollers. Customers can choose between the classic black or vibrant yellow color, allowing them to match their mini excavators’ existing color schemes or personal preferences. This customization option ensures that the undercarriage parts not only perform optimally but also contribute to the overall visual appeal of the machines.

Extended Warranty: 2000 Hours:

XMGT stands behind the quality and reliability of their mini excavator undercarriage parts. To provide customers with peace of mind and demonstrate their commitment to excellence, XMGT offers an extended warranty period of 2000 hours. This warranty ensures that customers can confidently rely on XMGT’s undercarriage parts for an extended period, minimizing potential downtime and costly repairs. The extended warranty reflects XMGT’s confidence in the durability and performance of their products and reinforces their dedication to customer satisfaction.

OEM and ODM Services:

XMGT understands that every customer has unique requirements and specifications for their mini excavator undercarriage parts. To cater to these individual needs, XMGT provides OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services. OEM services involve manufacturing undercarriage parts according to the customer’s design and specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and compatibility with their mini excavators. ODM services, on the other hand, allow customers to collaborate with XMGT’s experienced team of engineers and designers to develop customized undercarriage parts tailored to their specific requirements. Whether customers need variations in dimensions, materials, or features, XMGT’s OEM and ODM services ensure that their undercarriage parts meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

mini excavator track roller for HITACHI and KOMATSU

Redefining Efficiency with Undercarriage Parts Made By XMGT

Undercarriage parts form the backbone of any mini excavator. They are crucial for the machine’s mobility and overall performance. XMGT’s undercarriage parts are designed to provide smooth operation, reducing wear and tear and minimizing downtime. This results in increased efficiency and productivity on the construction site.

A Range to Suit Every Need – HITACHI Model Track Rollers

An understanding of diverse construction requirements is at the heart of XMGT’s operations. They offer a wide range of excavator undercarriage parts to suit a variety of mini excavators. Whether you’re in need of tracks, rollers, idlers or sprockets, XMGT as mini excavator undercarriage parts suppliers has you covered with parts that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Now, we will introduce you track rollers with XMGT quality below:

Whether you own an EX08, EX12/15, EX30-1, EX30-2, EX55/ZX55/ZAX60, EX60-5, EX100-1, EX100-2/5, EX200-1, EX200-2, or EX200-5, we have the perfect track roller solution for you. Trust us to provide you with high-quality track rollers that enhance the performance and durability of your HITACHI excavators.


The HITACHI EX08 mini excavator requires track rollers that can withstand its compact size and powerful performance. Our EX08 model excavator undercarriage for sale are specifically designed to meet these requirements. Manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, these track rollers ensure smooth and efficient operation, even in demanding working conditions. With our track rollers, you can expect enhanced durability, reduced maintenance, and improved overall performance for your HITACHI EX08.


For the HITACHI EX12/15 mini excavator, we offer track rollers that are engineered to deliver optimal performance and reliability. These track rollers are designed to withstand the compact size and heavy-duty applications of the EX12/15 model. With exceptional load-bearing capacity and wear resistance, our track rollers ensure smooth and efficient operation, allowing you to maximize productivity on your job sites. Invest in our track rollers for the HITACHI EX12/15 and experience enhanced durability and performance for your mini excavator.

HITACHI EX30-1 and EX30-2

The HITACHI EX30-1 and EX30-2 models require track rollers that can handle the challenges of various construction environments. Our track rollers for these models are built to withstand the rigors of demanding applications. With their superior wear resistance and robust construction, these track rollers ensure reliable performance and extended service life. Whether you’re working on landscaping projects, utility installations, or general construction, our track rollers for the HITACHI EX30-1 and EX30-2 will provide you with the durability and reliability you need.


The HITACHI EX55/ZX55/ZAX60 models demand track rollers that can withstand heavy workloads and ensure smooth operation. Our track rollers for these models are designed to excel in such conditions. With their high load-bearing capacity, exceptional wear resistance, and reliable performance, these track rollers are perfect for the EX55/ZX55/ZAX60 excavators. Invest in our track rollers and experience improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and increased productivity on your job sites.


The HITACHI EX60-5 mini excavator requires track rollers that can withstand the demands of various construction applications. Our track rollers for the EX60-5 model are designed to deliver optimal performance, durability, and longevity. With their advanced design and high-quality materials, these track rollers ensure smooth and efficient operation, even in challenging conditions. Whether you’re working on excavation, trenching, or demolition projects, our track rollers will provide the reliability and performance you need to get the job done.

HITACHI EX100-1 and EX100-2/5

The HITACHI EX100-1 and EX100-2/5 models require track rollers that can handle heavy-duty applications and provide reliable performance. Our track rollers for these models are engineered to meet these requirements. Built with high-quality materials and precision manufacturing, these track rollers offer exceptional load-bearing capacity, wear resistance, and durability. With our track rollers, you can ensure smooth and efficient operation, allowing you to tackle demanding construction projects with ease.

HITACHI EX200-1, EX200-2 and EX200-5

The HITACHI EX200-1, EX200-2, and EX200-5 models demand track rollers that can withstand the challenges of heavy construction applications. Our track rollers for these models are designed to deliver superior performance and durability. With their robust construction, exceptional wear resistance, and reliable operation, these track rollers ensure smooth and efficient movement of your excavator. Whether you’re working on earth-moving, site preparation, or material handling, our track rollers will provide the reliability and longevity you need to maximize productivity.

Quality You Can Trust – XMGT Track Rollers With Quality Materials

When you opt for XMGT undercarriage parts, you’re not just investing in a product. You’re investing in a promise of quality, reliability, and performance. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the extensive quality checks each part undergoes, ensuring that only the best make it to the market.

Based in China with a legacy spanning decades, XMGT produces various track rollers tailored for excavators worldwide.

Robust Construction

XMGT rollers feature heat-treated QT450-10 steel casings for exceptional strength under intensive workloads. Double sealed bearings boast higher rotational efficiency versus competitors. Increased contact areas distribute stress optimally across link plates.

Precision Components

Each roller integrates a 45# alloy steel shaft for heightened durability. Embedded copper-lead-tin alloy seals prevent contamination ingress into bearings. Hex head JB/T1000-1977 bolts withstand heavy torquing during track maintenance.

Industrial Finishing

Before final quality checks, roller surfaces undergo rigorous deburring, passivation and sealing processes. Surfaces achieve a corrosion-resistant satin luster through advanced electrolysis techniques. Customizable e-coat powder coatings applied in-house withstand harshest conditions.

Extended Lifetimes

Using proprietary alloy formulations and heat treatments, XMGT optimized component metallurgy for an average 5X service life over standard rollers. Reinforced frames withstand external impacts that cause premature failures in competitors’ products.

Maintenance Support

Customers receive extensive installation manuals and online video guides. Service centers offer field repairs, exchange programs and technical support globally. Workshops recondition rollers cost-effectively for reuse.

Premium Varieties

From mini diggers to massive 100-ton machines, XMGT carries track roller and bushing options for all common excavator models and attachment configurations. Fast OEM solution fabrication complements universal aftermarket fittings.

Reduced Operational Costs

By extending maintenance intervals significantly versus OEM and generic parts, XMGT rollers deliver the lowest cost per hour over equipment lifetimes. Enhanced performance boosts productivity and uptime in toughest jobsites.

Hydraulic Excavator Rollers

Upper and lower roller varieties integrate sealed, triple-lip bearings guaranteeing smooth track guidance under high-pressure hydraulics. Roller sets install precisely without misalignment issues.

Excavator Undercarriage Kits

Complete replacements for worn undercarriage components minimize downtime. Roller/bushing/link plate kits install effortlessly versus piecemeal rebuilding.

Chain Store Distribution

Strategic regional distribution through global machine part retailers provides on-demand access to XMGT’s premium track roller technologies wherever heavy equipment operates.

With continued innovation XMGT remains the trusted solution for maximizing excavator availability, performance and resale values. Premium components, expert support and global access uphold their reputation as the undercarriage specialist for heavy-duty applications.

Domestic Excellence, Global Recognition

While XMGT is a homegrown Chinese brand, its reach is far from limited. Their high-quality undercarriage parts are gaining recognition globally, making them a trusted name in the international construction industry.

XMGT is not just a China mini excavator parts manufacturer; it’s an industry leader setting new standards in the production of mini excavator undercarriage parts and for sale. Their commitment to quality, coupled with an understanding of construction needs, makes XMGT a go-to choice for professionals seeking reliability and excellence.

With XMGT, you’re not just getting a product. You’re becoming a part of a global community that values quality, efficiency, and superior performance. For those seeking to elevate their construction operations, XMGT’s undercarriage parts offer the perfect solution. Certainly, except HITACHI brand, we also provide undercarriage parts for VOLVO, Caterpillar and Komatsu, etc. Additionally, for special design spare parts, we also may supply amphibious undercarriage excavator uses.