What are the parts of an undercarriage

Apr 18, 2024 | News

If you have worked in the industrial which can contact the excavator, you certainly know some about the parts of undercarriage. Because the undercarriage is a crucial part of the excavator. Usually, the undercarriage has five parts, they are the excavator track roller, excavator driving wheel, excavator guide wheel, excavator supporting sprocket and excavator track. If you ask which part is the most crucial for the undercarriage, I will tell the part is excavator track roller, and its importance can’t be overstated.

The importance of excavator track roller

The function of supporting machine weight. the excavator track rollers are hard elements, because they bear a significant portion of the excavator’s weight. And they can distribute the load evenly across the tracks and prevent excessive stress on individual components. This support is essential for maintaining stability and preventing premature wear on other undercarriage parts.

The function of guiding track movement: Track rollers guide the track chain along the undercarriage, ensuring smooth movement during operation. Properly functioning rollers help minimize friction and resistance, allowing the tracks to move efficiently without unnecessary strain on the machine.

The function of maintaining track tension. The excavator track rollers play an important role in maintaining proper track tension. It can engage with the track chain; the they help keep it securely in place and prevent slackness. Adequate tension is critical for optimal track performance, traction, and overall excavator operation.

The function of absorbing shock and vibration. During operation, we cannot ensure the excavator always work ion the flat terrain. At that time the excavators will encounter various shocks and vibrations. Or when the excavator performers heavy-duty tasks like digging and lifting, it also will encounter various shocks. The track rollers can absorb some of these shocks, reducing the impact on the entire machine and contributing to operator comfort and safety.

The function of extending track chain lifespan. You may be curious that why the excavator track roller can do it.  Let me to explain the reason for you. The excavator can support and guide the track chain and it can help minimize wear and extend the lifespan of the tracks. And if we maintain the track rollers properly, it can also reduce friction, prevent premature wear on the track links, bushings, and pins. This extends the intervals between track replacements and lowers maintenance costs over the long term.

The function of enhancing traction and stability. If the excavator track toller in a bad condition, the excavator’s traction and stability will be influenced too. When on the challenging terrain, the worn or damaged rollers can lead to uneven track movement, reduced traction, and compromised stability! So, high-quality rollers can ensure optimal contact between the tracks and the ground. In addition, high-quality excavator track rollers can also enhance overall excavator performance and safety.

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excavator Track Roller

How to maintain the parts of the undercarriage

The better maintain, the better performance of the parts. There have some ways to maintain the parts.

  • Regular Inspections: we need perform visual inspections of the undercarriage components regularly. If you have the leisure time, you can ideally daily or before each operation to check it. And try your best to look for signs of wear, damage, loose bolts, or missing parts. Oh! The important note is that we should pay attention to unusual noises or vibrations during operation. According the experience of the practice workers, they said the noise always indicate potential issues.
  • Keep it Clean: please remove dirt, mud, and debris from the undercarriage regularly, ok? Especially after the excavator worked in muddy or abrasive conditions. We can choose using a pressure washer or a high-pressure water hose to clean the tracks, rollers, idlers, and sprockets thoroughly. Because keeping the undercarriage clean helps prevent abrasive wear and corrosion.
  • Maintain Proper Track Tension: please check the track tension according to our specifications. Tracks that are too loose can derail or wear prematurely, while tracks that are too tight can strain the undercarriage components. The operators should adjust the tension as needed to ensure smooth track movement and proper engagement with the rollers and sprockets.

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