High-Quality idler yoke Products For Sale

Color: Black
Material: 40Mn/45Mn
Surface hardness: HRC50-56; depth 5-8mm
Production Method: Casting;Heat Treatment
Certification ISO9001: 2000/GB/T24001-2004/OHSAS 18001:1999


The idler gear refers to a gear that is sandwiched between two gears and meshes with both gears. Its function is only to change the rotation direction relationship of the two gears before and after it, without changing the transmission ratio and cannot change the position.

The tensioner wheel appears in belt drive or chain drive. Its function is to tighten the belt or chain, reduce the vibration and energy loss during their movement, and can change the position.

The guide wheel, as the name suggests, mainly plays a guiding role. In the design of the gear train, in order to meet the design requirements and overall size requirements, the direction of the belt is relatively complicated, but to ensure the wrapping angle design of the idler tensioner and pulley, it is necessary The guide wheel realizes the design requirements and the design wrapping angle.

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